OMNI Airsoft Fast Charger/Discharger 300/600Ma Discontinued

OMNI Airsoft Fast Charger/Discharger 300/600Ma Discontinued

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OMNI Battery Fast Charger/Discharger


OMNI airsoft charger for all types of airsoft batteries. This charger allows you to discharge the batteries before you re-charge them, to keep your batteries in top condition, and it has a LED indicator to show when the battery is being charged, discharged or when it's fully charged.

This comes with a patch cable to charge both small and large type batteries and a built in car charger adapter so you can charge your batteries on the move! This is an auto cut-off charger so it will slow down to a trickle charge when the battery you are charging is full.

This will charge 2,4,5,6,7,8 or 10 cell batteries (2.4V, 4.8V, 6.0V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V, 12V) when plugged into the mains and 2,4,5 or 6 cells when plugged into your car. This is switchable between 300 and 600 Ma charging current for fast or slow charging.

Please note, never charge your batteries unattended, always in a safe fireproof place, never charge your battery with a charging current more than 0.4 it's Mah capacity (if you have a 1600Mah capacity do not charge at more than 640Ma) and once your battery is charged disconnect it, if you leave it connected you risk damaging the battery and charger.

For more information about batteries, chargers and charging times, click here.

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