Wild West Airguns

Still looking for the right air weapon that perfectly blends performance, aesthetics and affordability? Got an interest in the Wild West? Our Wild West airguns might just be the perfect solution.

The Best Western Airguns

Among our fantastic selection of replicas and Wild West-themed air guns, you’re sure to find something to suit your requirements and shooting style, making the perfect addition to your gun cabinet.

Whether it’s a western rifle or a Wild West air pistol replica you’re after, we stock an array of options at various price points, from fantastic affordable models to more high-end guns.

Choose products from the top air gun replica brands that offer some truly iconic designs, including Colt and Winchester variants. These guns don’t just look the part either; they perform brilliantly, too, with our revolvers delivering up to 400fps and our western rifles having plenty of impressive specs.

Wild West Airsoft Guns

While our western airguns are most suited for target shooting, we do offer some wild west replica airsoft guns so you can recreate epic gunfights and exchange unbelieve quickdraws out on the airsoft battlefield.

Buying Wild West Airguns and Airsoft Guns in the UK

Because our western-inspired airsoft replicas are RIFs, you must be both over 18 and have a UKARA membership to purchase one.

If you are buying one of our Wild West air rifles or pistols rather than an airsoft gun, you must also be over 18 and be aware of any air weapon delivery requirements.

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Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star .177 Pellet Lever Action Air Pistol
Umarex Walther Lever Action Western Legend Wells Fargo Winchester Style .177 Co2 Air Rifle
Umarex Walther Lever Action Western Legend Steel Finish Winchester Style .177 Co2 Air Rifle
Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle Lever Action Shell Ejecting Co2 Air Rifle 4.5mm BB
Umarex Colt SAA.45 Peacemaker Nickel .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
Air Venturi Lil Duke John Wayne .177 BB Lever Action Air Rifle
Daisy Red Ryder .177 BB Lever Action Air Rifle
Umarex Colt SAA.45 Peacemaker Nickel John Wayne Duke .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
Umarex Colt SAA.45 5.5" Peacemaker Silver & Gold .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
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