6mm (Airsoft) Budget BB Guns

See our collection of 6mm (Airsoft), Budget BB Guns. We stock a range of other Budget BB Guns online and in store, and if you can’t find what you are looking for please ring us on 01293 525880

The costs involved in airsoft can add up quickly if you’re not careful, and not everyone is willing to splash out on the latest impressive yet pricey model, especially beginners just finding their footing. Our range of cheap BB guns is ideal for those on a tighter budget and will show just how accessible the sport can be.

What is the Best Cheap BB Gun?

Among our selection of cheap BB guns, you’ll find a range of models and gun types, all at low costs and with some (perhaps surprisingly) good features. We stock:

  • Budget Spring BB Guns
  • Budget Electric BB Guns
  • Budget Gas BB Guns
  • This includes options for BB rifles and pistols.

    The cheapest options you’ll find in this range come in at just £15, with the more powerful rifles coming in at £120 – ultimately, a brilliantly affordable price range with guns from leading brands you can trust:

    • ASG
    • CYMA
    • Double Eagle
    • Galaxy
    • HFC

    Once you’re ready to spend a little more on a gun or want something with more advanced features, you can browse our selection of even more impressive airsoft guns. You’ll find some outstanding value for money options here, too, with models from top airsoft brands and a continuously-updated roster of desirable guns.

    Affordable Ammunition for BB Guns

    We know it’s more convenient if you can get everything you need from one place with minimal fuss and optimal quality, which is why you’ll also find plenty of cheap BB gun ammunition to accompany your gun.

    Do You Need a Licence to Buy a BB Gun in the UK?

    In most cases, you will not need a licence to purchase a two tone BB gun. Provided you are at least 18 years of age, you will be able to purchase one of our budget BB guns without a problem.

    However, if you are looking to buy a realistic imitation firearm, you will need a UKARA membership to show you are a registered airsoft player.

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Double Eagle M85 G36c Style IN BLUE 6mm BB Electric Assault Rifle Two Tone
HFC Beretta M92 Blue Spring 6mm BB Pistol Two Tone
HFC Stealth Assassin MK23 6mm Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback RIF Pistol
HFC HA-118E Beretta Style Tactical Spring 6mm BB Pistol Two Tone
HFC Sig 228 Blue 6mm BB Pistol Two Tone
Stealth Assassin MK23 6mm Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback Blue Pistol Two Tone
CYMA P1093-S AK-47 Orange 6mm BB Spring Single-Shot Assault Rifle Two Tone
Galaxy G15H Spring 6mm BB Pistol With Holster Two Tone
Galaxy G6H Hi-Capa Style Spring 6mm BB Pistol With Holster Two Tone
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