Man wearing camouflage gear for airsoft

Airsoft is an activity which can be done all year round, though it is made much more fun if you have the right clothes. Though playing in the cold weather is not for everyone, you’ll find that as soon as you are out there, you’ll soon warm up and feel comfortable. Make sure you have the correct kit and read below to see our suggestions on the clothes you should have to keep you warm.

Loose Fitting Layers

Loose fitting clothing that is comfortable to run and work out in is often the best for physical activities such as airsoft. Wearing loose-fitting layers helps keep layers of warm air around you keeping you warm. A majority of players wear battle dress uniform trousers, but you can wear old jeans or even jogging bottoms. Long sleeve t-shirts, jackets, fleece or hoodies are great for the upper body.

Wearing layers means you can easily add more or take them off when too cold or too warm. Keeping them loose fitting means you still have ease of movement to get into trickier positions. If you are a serious and frequent player, a UBACS (under body armour combat shirt) is a solid investment. Made from a cotton mix, UBACS keep you warm yet don’t overheat you and are comfortable and durable. A proper look at base/mid/top layers is worthwhile if you are looking to go out in all weathers. Technical clothing like this is available in an increasing number of places and the price has come down significantly!

Coat for Breaks

It is usually the standing still that makes you colder. When playing airsoft, the near-constant movement keeps the blood pumping around your body, so you stay warmer. Gaps between plays or breaks for lunch are often when you feel the cold, so having a coat for breaks means you’ll be warm all day.

Additionally, airsoft players who take the sniper position when they are stationary for much of the game may require a thicker coat to protect them against the cold of the ground but opt for one which offers easy movement in the upper body.

Sturdy Boots

Sturdy and comfortable boots are a must any time of year for airsoft, and especially in winter. If you are playing outdoors in areas which are muddy or wet, boots with good grip are needed. Also, make sure your boots have a thick sole to keep your feet warm when playing on the cold or frozen ground. When buying new boots, break them in before wearing them for the whole day to avoid blisters and rubbing.


Man wearing camouflage gear for airsoft

Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Though losing heat through your head is a popular myth, it is still a good idea to wear a hat in the cold. A beanie hat is most suitable for winter, as it will keep you much warmer, though a cap is also good for keeping the sun off your face.

Scarves are a useful accessory for cold weather airsoft, and we’d recommend a neck tube scarf, which is less likely to unravel or fall from your face. Neck tube scarves are easily available, and you can also get them in camouflage colours.

Gloves are a must in winter, keeping your hands warm from the cold weather and the cold of the metal airsoft guns. You can get quality thermal gloves that still offer you good dexterity in the field, and we also have fingerless gloves available too.

Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is not always a good choice, as it absorbs water – or sweat – really well, which isn’t great for an active sport such as airsoft. However, if you know you’ll be playing in cold weather – five degrees Celsius or less – thermal underwear might be a good choice! A good base layer would be a great alternative here, wicking and warm!


Unless you are playing airsoft indoors, it is good to have a waterproof jacket with you; British weather can be unpredictable! A lightweight and breathable waterproof jacket in a dark colour; green, brown, khaki or black is most suitable for airsoft – you’d be an easy target in bright red! However, some people find waterproofs make too much noise; it’s entirely up to you!

We hope this article is helpful in preparing you for some cold weather airsoft games! Be sure to check out our airsoft clothing range for some fantastic deals such as fleeces, waterproofs and elbow and knee pads!