Fallout 4 game banner, details unveiled at E3 – Surplus Store More details of the upcoming instalment in the Fallout franchise have been revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. A few weeks ago, a website appeared which showed the “Please Stand By” screen which has become synonymous with Fallout appeared with a countdown timer of 24 hours. Once the timer had reached the end, fans were treated with the Fallout 4 teaser trailer. Whenever a teaser trailer is released, tongues get wagging and rumours start spreading like wildfire. Now, Bethesda have revealed a few more details about the impending game, and it looks just fantastic! Very few details have been released about the story at the moment, but you start the game before nukes are dropped. You head to Vault 111 with your family, but the inevitable happens and the nuclear holocaust occurs. 200 years pass, and you are released back into the real world as the sole survivor of the vault. Bethesda went to demonstrate their new features, which includes the ability to build your own safe house, which can eventually be turned into a settlement, where others come to live, and raiders try to attack. Just imagine a game of Sims where you can shoot someone in the face, and you’re on the right lines! Another new feature is the customisation of weapons, which makes use of the junk items that litter the wasteland, and were good for nothing in the previous games. You can start with a standard assault rifle, and completely tailor it to how you wish to play. Add a scope, modify the barrel, add extended mags, the possibilities are nearly endless! The release date has penned for this coming November as well, so the wait will not be as long as expected. However, these things rarely go to plan, so there is the possibility of the release date being pushed back for one reason or another… If you are looking to do some real life customisation of your own, why not take a look at our store where you can buy air rifles and add accessories of your own. Luckily, all of our guns and accessories are made from the best quality materials, and not chucked together with scrap bits lying around like you find in the Fallout wasteland!   Photo courtesy of BagoGames, under Creative Commons