Deactivated gun Glock 17 pistol with Compensator found at Crawley Surplus Store

Did you know that alongside of all of our other great products, we have a range of deactivated guns for sale? From pistols to machine guns, our guns have been fully decommissioned, and hold a London or Birmingham proof mark and certificate.

Owning one of these models is to really own your own piece of history, and as they are ever increasing in value, now is a perfect time to invest!

We have decided to take a look at a few guns from the range we stock in a bit more detail, so you can see just what you get when you invest in one of these brilliant guns.

Glock 17 Pistol with Compensator

First up we have the Glock 17, complete with compensator (pictured above). The Glock is known as being the most widely used pistol in law enforcement, and is an excellent all-rounder. The standard 17 round magazine is higher than most pistols, and with a relatively low weight, it is less-cumbersome and easily manoeuvrable.

With moving safety, sliding hammer and removable magazine, authenticity is paramount with this pistol. The added compensator is a lovely touch as well, giving the appearance an extra dimension.

Take a look at the gun for yourself on our website here:

M16A1 Assault Rifle

Deactivated gun M16A1 assault rifle found at Crawley Surplus Store

The American M16 rifle is the select-fire adaptation of the AR-15, and was first deployed into the United States Military during the Vietnam War, replacing the M14 as standard issue in 1969. Single fire and three round burst were able to be selected on this rifle, and standard issue came with a 30 round magazine.

This deactivated M16A1 features a moveable trigger and removable magazine (with both a 20 round and 30 round magazine included). The cocking arm and bolt are both fixed in place, however.

You can find the M16A1 on our website here:

Maxim Machine Gun

Deactivated gun Maxim machine gun found at Crawley Surplus Store

The first prototype of the Maxim gun was invented in 1884 by Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, and was the first recoil-operated machine gun. Often dubbed as “the weapon most associated with British imperial conquest”, the Maxim could fire 600 round a minute, and required a team of soldiers to operate and move!

This deactivated version has a moveable trigger, and the cocking arm can be cocked. The whole gun can also be tilted and rotated. This genuinely is a piece of history you will not want to pass on!

The Maxim can be found on our website here:

These are just a few of our deactivated guns, so why not head onto our website and check out the rest of our selection?