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Whether you’re looking for a full-scale military simulation or a scaled down close quarters battle with some friends, there will be a game type to suit you. If you’re the person organising the game type, you’ll have a lot more control than if you’re participating in someone else’s event, such as deciding how many times you can be mediced back in, the time limit, respawns etc.

Make sure you have all of these laid out at the start so that everyone playing knows the rules. We’d recommend giving each of these a try to see what your preference is; naturally, some game types will be better with higher numbers of people so mix and match to see what suits you and your buddies!

Team Deathmatch

Starting with one of the main types you’ll encounter during your time playing airsoft, team deathmatch is one of the most basic games to play. Two teams will be competing against each other for the most kills. Once you’re hit, you have to start again by heading to the respawn point. Make sure you keep track of how many people you hit and it helps to keep track of how many times you’ve been hit too; this way your team will be able to count how many kills they have and roughly double check what they expect the other team to have.

Capture The Flag

A stable of the airsoft battlefield, Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game that revolves around two teams trying to capture the other teams flag by taking them back to their own base. There are two variations of the game, live flag and dead flag. In live flag, a carrier of the flag can be shot and a teammate can collect the flag from where his teammate was killed. Dead flag sees a shot player have to return the flag to the enemy base before it can be collected again.

Man with airsoft gun


There has been an airdrop somewhere on site, but the packages broke upon exiting the plane, it’s your job to sweep the area, find the packages and return them to your base to protect them there. But be aware, the other team is doing the same thing. They can raid your base, and you can raid theirs!


A thrilling game of hide and seek, one person using a sniper or bolt action rifle has two minutes to find a safe and well covered hiding spot before the rest of the group spread out to try and capture him. When the players find the sniper, they must shoot him to ‘claim’ him, this means they must escort him back to a certain checkpoint. During this escort, the sniper can make a break for it and try to run away at any point, however, if shot again, the sniper loses the game. If the sniper escapes and stays alive for more than two minutes the game starts over again.

Make sure you’ve brushed up on your sniping abilities before taking part in this one! Check out our article on becoming a master sniper.


Being known as both names, this game features one team escorting an unarmed, or very lightly armed, person to a specified location or checkpoint whilst the other team attempt to shoot the escort or the whole of the defending team. Typically the attacking team hide whilst the defending team travel along a specific path to the checkpoint.

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This game type can be great fun or scary as hell! A small team of 4-6 people start as the zombies/infected against everyone else on the site, every time someone’s taken out by one of the infected they respawn as the infected, will your buddies survive the outbreak? Will you? Does it matter that Zombies shouldn’t be able to carry Airsoft Guns? When you’re cowering in the corner as the last lone survivor, you should have plenty of time to decide!


This game mode requires two team that each have a base and an object that represents an explosive. The explosive is placed in the middle of the two bases and both teams have the objective of picking up the charge and planting it in the enemy base. When the charge reaches a team base and is untouched for two minutes, that team loses. Whilst the charge is being carried, the player can be eliminated and the charge can be picked up by any other player regardless of their team.


Normally popular with night games, this game involves one player volunteering to be the prey with the remainder of the players being hunters. The prey can win if he/she reaches a specified checkpoint within a given timeframe without being shot. The hunter that shoots the prey is the winner for the round. Although the hunters are competing against each other, they can’t shoot each other.

Prison Break

In this game type, a small team of players act as the prisoners and can carry only small weapons whilst they try to navigate through a certain area to a checkpoint. The area will be guarded by the majority remainder of the players who can carry any weapons they choose. You could also choose to play with a small support team that helps the prisoners escape.

These are just some of our favourite game types and there are loads more out there! Why not try making alterations to these in terms of time limits, ammunition limitations and weapon limitations? Let us know which game type is your favourite in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter!