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In PlayStation and Xbox games like Resident Evil, Call of Duty and Halo players can choose any number of guns to use – revolvers, assault rifles and automatic machine guns – but many players are ignoring those weapons as part of an attempt to make the games more challenging.

Play Call of Duty online these days and you’re extremely likely to see people running around armed only with a survival knife – attempting to creep up on other players and stab them rather than shooting them from afar.

The idea is that doing so is far more difficult than simply making a shot from a distance, meaning players’ skills are tested to a greater extent.

One of the best examples of this is in the game Resident Evil. In the game you’re given a choice of  pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers and more as you fight your way through a zombie infested mansion. There’s a far lesser choice of knives though, with just two on offer.

In fact, the game’s makers Capcom were convinced people wouldn’t want to use knives because they’re extremely weak when it comes to dealing damage and can only be used close up. It’s meant as a back-up plan – for when you run out of ammunition.

But some players who were dissatisfied with how easily they finished the game went back and decided to take on the zombies using only a knife.

Capcom didn’t believe players would do this at first, and even insisted it shouldn’t be possible – but players have proved it is. Recently Capcom has acknowledged this and in the latest version of the game playing through using only a knife unlocks a special achievement.

All of which goes to show the fondness people have for knives and their collections. If you want to add to your collection why not buy knives online at our online knife store?