Two metal targets used for target practice with airsoft guns

Two brothers from Georgia in America have created a new game called Plinker, which they hope will bridge the gap between live target shooting and video games.

The name Plinker – recently unveiled at the SHOT Show in the States - is derived from the slang term of casual target shooting, with cans usually being the target. The game has been created for indoor ranges, and is seeking to introduce more people to shooting sports, as well as offering a way for law enforcement to train.

Plinker works in the following way: People go to the shooting range with their pistols, and inside the bay, there is a tablet on the wall for them to choose the game they wish to play.

Located at the end of their aisle are a set of square steel plates that are attached to a base, which aims a laser at the target the players are supposed to shoot. There are different settings for the length of time for each target, or the order in which the plates light up.

There is also an element of competition involved with Plinker, where players can register their scores online and use an app on their phone to track scores and compare them with their friends.

It is hoped that Plinker will offer the younger generation who enjoy playing games such as Call of Duty a competitive game that is great fun, whilst also teaching them important lessons.

Currently, the game is being used in live ammo ranges in the United States, but there is no reason why the theory cannot be applied to either airguns or even airsoft guns. That’s what we have got our fingers crossed for anyway!

If you’d like to see a video of the game in action, you can do so at the following link: It looks and sounds like something straight out a 70’s gameshow, but we think the premise is a really good idea, and offers something different to the standard paper target shooting.