Fire pellet guns to survive The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” has been going strong on our screens for six series so far, but the longer it lasts, the increasingly dire the whole situation looks for the survivors.

You get the gentle influx of new characters every once in a while, but the 7 billion strong human population seems to have dwindled and succumbed to the virus.

But just how many people are left in the world, and trying to survive the apocalypse like Rick and the gang?


YouTube channel SourceFedNERD has spent his time looking through six years’ worth of TV (including the “Fear the Walking Dead” series) scouring for clues which points to the total population of human beings in the world of The Walking Dead.

By examining important character introductions, key scenes and the tools of survival the characters use to survive, a timeline of the outbreak was created. From this timeline, an estimate was drawn on how many people could survive the virus, and it’s pretty grim reading…

According to the calculations, the outbreak began in January 2012 and the current events of series 6 took place in December 2013.

Final Figure

Taking into consideration that there were just a little under 7 billion people on Earth in 2011, coupled with creator Robert Kirkman stating that the ratio of zombies to humans is 5000:1, it has been predicted that a mere 1,397,390 people are alive when the outbreak first takes over. That is a depressing 0.0002% of the Earth’s population…

So by looking at the 347 characters that have been referenced on the TV show, there have been 252 deaths, meaning 72.6% of the characters have met their grizzly end. If you transfer the same maths over to the surviving number predicted at the start of the outbreak, you are left with a global population of 382,885. Incredible eh!

Things to Consider

This number only includes humans that were turned into zombies, meaning the number is even lower when you consider human-caused deaths that are rife throughout the show.

It is worth noting that the number of babies born during the apocalypse was not taken into consideration, nor were there any variables for different countries. For example, some countries may only have access to pellet guns, whereas others would have high calibre weaponry as seen on the TV series. This means survival numbers could well be lower… Scary stuff!

Of course, this is all hypothetical, but do you think the numbers area accurate? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter account.