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Artist Paul Erard has created the smallest gun in the world, which is just 2 inches long, 1.3 inches high and 0.3 inches wide. The tiny revolver also fires specially built bullets which are just 2.34 millimetres in diameter, making this the smallest live ammunition in the world.

The great news is that you can contact Paul in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, and if you can obtain the correct licences, you can have your very own revolver commissioned in solid gold… Which costs a staggering £300,000 to build, but are being sold at just £4,500 a go.

Each gun takes three months to build from order through to production, and weighing in at just 17 grams, the gold version of the gun will cost around £265 per gram.

Each gun has one joule of power when it fires, which equates to less than a tenth of the power of the average air rifle. Although this revolver was initially designed to be a work of art, future owners will need a gun license to buy the pistol, and export licenses will be needed to take it out of Switzerland.

If you would like to see the revolver in action, there is a link to the video here. Personally, we like our guns that are a bit easier to handle, and with a bit more kick! If you like the same, why not check out our air rifle shop and see if we have something to suit your needs.

Photo courtesy of uberreview, under Creative Commons