Wrap a gun using camo tape

Whether you’re looking to add some new style to your airsoft rifles, protect your air guns or be a more effective hunter and wildlife observer, camouflage tape is an ideal solution. There are several scenarios where camo tape can come in handy, so here we’ll be looking at why you might want to use it on your kit and how to make your guns and accessories hide in plain sight.

Using Camo Wrap Tape Vs A Camo Skin

There are two main options when it comes to creating a camo-effect gun; tape and vinyl skins. There are a couple of differences between these two styles, the principal one being the final appearance.

Using a Gun Skin

Skins are essentially ‘skin-tight’ wraps that coat the gun with a certain pattern, with the primary material being thin vinyl. The application process is a little more fiddly, requiring tools such as knives, scissors, and a heat gun.

Using Camo Tape Wrap

Man holding a rifle with camo tape

However, when using a camo wrap, the result is a little more rough and ready’, as due to the nature of the material, there are no clean lines or smooth surfaces. That being said, the texture and application process makes this a very desirable option, often being more practical than a skin.

Ultimately, which you choose is really a matter of preference, with the skin providing a smooth finish and a seemingly painted on look that appeals to those who like to relish in the appearance of their rifle. However, for those that are looking for a slightly more practical application system, along with the benefit of being reusable, camo tape is perhaps the best solution.

Benefits of Using Camo Tape

Tape Camo Wrap is a great solution for those looking to blend in with their surroundings, whether on the airsoft field, in the woods hunting or observing wildlife. The texture from the tape eliminates any glare or shine from your gun, meaning that it won’t reflect sunlight and won’t alert anyone/anything to your presence.

Additionally, when adding the tape to your gun, it can be done in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require any tools. We’ll explain the best method of application below.

Additional Benefits of Camo Tape

Man looking down the sights of a rifle

If you decide that you’d like to change or remove your camo tape, if you’re heading to a different environment for example, then the tape will peel off your gun leaving no sticky residue. It is also reusable, meaning that you can wash, dry and store the tape for when you next need it.

When using a gun with camo tape, you’ll notice an immediate difference in terms of handling the gun, as the tape fabric will reduce slipperiness and improve your grip. This is equally true if you use the tape on binoculars, gun magazines or fishing rods.

Airsoft and Air Guns

For airsoft guns and air rifles, adding tape around the outside can serve as insulation against the elements. For those that like to venture out in all weathers, the wrap can provide some defence against the rain, although you’ll need to remove the wrap at home and dry it out properly before reapplying. Leaving a damp wrap on your gun can cause damage to the outside, so it’s always worth drying the tape when it gets to wet.

Applying Your Tape Camo Wrap

Person holding a camo tape wrapped gun

Applying the camo tape is super easy, with no tools needed! We stock Viper Tac Wrap Tape Vcam and Jack Pyke Stealth Tape Camo Wrap, which both don’t require any additional equipment (or experience).

To start wrapping your gun, begin with the stock and wrap one complete way around so that the tape is over the top of itself. Then, once you have rotated around the gun, continuing working the tape around the weapon, overlapping the previous covering by a quarter of an inch so that no part of the gun can be seen.

Upon reaching the trigger, you can cut the wrap and begin on the next section. Some sections may be hard to reach using the rotational wrapping method, so you could do an under layer first with strips of tape running the length of the gun and then covered by the rotational wrapping technique.

Wrapping the Barrel

When it comes to wrapping the barrel, we’d suggest starting a quarter of an inch away from the end to ensure that no wrap obscures the pellets coming out. When reaching the end of the roll, or the end of the gun, simply finish the wrap with one complete overlapping rotation as at the start so that the tape sticks to itself and your handy work will be complete!

Camo tape wrap banner

This wrap can also work really well on air gun or airsoft gun accessories such as magazines, scopes and other items.