Man stood with airsoft shotgun in field during summer

With summer and the warmer weather apparently on its way (we had no clue either?!), we thought it would be a good time to look at some general tips about playing airsoft in higher temperatures.

When you’re playing in the warmer temperatures and lugging around airsoft rifles, sidearms and all of your other kit, things can get a bit hot and sweaty, so you’ve got to be careful about planning what gear you’re going to be taking. Not only do you need to look after your airsoft gear, but you also need to look after yourself.

With all of this in mind, we have looked at 5 tips for safely enjoying airsoft in the summer:

What to Wear

This may seem like an obvious point, but as the temperatures begin to rise, it is important that you carefully choose what clothes you wear. Not only will you need to plan what to wear in order to allow you to move freely, but to also stop you from overheating and becoming tired too quickly.

The heavier duty clothing and thicker body armour that you may wear in winter will not be suitable for the warmer weather. Instead, we would advise that you wear lighter clothing made from breathable materials such as cotton.

Much of the camouflage clothing found in our store or on our website is made from polycotton, which offers the breathability of cotton combined with the strength of polyester, which is the perfect combination for a summer skirmish.

Whether or not you want to wear shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts is entirely up to you. Of course, it’ll hurt more when you get tagged but it’s totally your choice if you want to wear them or not!

Use the Correct Gas

Much like we mentioned in our Winter Airsoft Survival Guide feature, the varying temperatures can cause changes to the make-up of the gases, which in turn affects the performance of your weapons.

However, unlike the gas being negatively affected by cold temperatures, hot environments can actually positively affect airsoft gases. Higher temperatures can cause the gases to expand further, increasing the potential velocity at which the BBs can travel when fired. This means that airsofters will be able to choose from an assortment of gases during the summer while still retaining high levels of performance.

Just be careful if you have a plastic slide pistol (like a Tokyo Marui or KSC); what works well in winter may send the top slide shooting backwards over your shoulder in summer, so be sure to adjust your gas pressure accordingly!

Take Advantage of Mother Nature

So, this isn’t really a safety tip, but just a general piece of advice (aren’t we good to you?!) but the warmer weather brings with it a changing appearance of the surroundings.

If you are an avid wearer of camouflage, it is worth considering whether the change of colour pallet will render what you are wearing obsolete. Basically, if you’re wearing grey camo in an area that would be much more suited to a CADPAT, you’re probably going to get found out!

An airsoft sniper blending into their environment

Many serious airsofters will have patterns they tend to wear in autumn/winter and spring/summer, so it may be worth considering investing in more appropriate patterns to match the change of nature’s colours. This is especially true for espionage or sniper roles where remaining undetected is the aim of the game!

Respect the Sun

I know we see very little of it here in Britain, but when it does come out, the sun needs to be respected. Getting out and about in the sun will give you a healthy dose of vitamin D but staying exposed to direct sunlight for too long can lead to sunburn, sunstroke and other nasty side effects.

If you are playing in a heavily-covered area such as a forest, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But if you are playing in a more open area, escaping from the sun could be difficult. You should always remember to pack sun cream when you head out and apply often throughout the day to ensure you are protected. You should also be sure to take breaks from the sun when you can to avoid overexposure.

Food and Drink

Like a well-oiled machine, you will need to make sure that you keep yourself topped up with the correct fuels; namely food and drink. One of the most important parts of any sport is the food and drink you consume before, during and after, with a summer skirmish being no different. You need this fuel in order to be an effective member of your team and ensure you can last the day.

Be sure to start your day off with a hearty and balanced breakfast, and ideally pack yourself a lunch or make sure the site you are going to has facilities to hand to keep you energised throughout the day.

You also need to be taking on plenty of fluids throughout the day, so make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water at regular intervals. Ideally, you should be doing this every day, but it is particularly important during the hotter months where you need to replenish the fluids lost through sweating.

If you are able to, carry a spare bottle of water on you at all times while playing so you can top up fluids on the go. You should then be able to fill this up again when you are in the safe zone to ensure you stay hydrated all day long! But be sure to keep track of what you’re drinking. You need to make sure you remember to drink but be careful not to overhydrate as this can be even more dangerous!

These are just 5 tips to ensure you make the most of airsofting this summer, but did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media accounts.