Essential airsoft accessories

What’s the most critical part of an airsoft loadout? The primary weapon, of course. But the accessories you use certainly go a long way towards improving your game. In this list, learn about seven essential accessories that you need when playing airsoft.

1. Face & Eye Protection

This one hopefully goes without saying, but nonetheless, make sure to wear appropriate face protection. The key areas that you want to protect here are the ones that are hard (or impossible) to replace – your eyes and teeth. Failure to do so can undoubtedly be catastrophic. Grab yourself some suitable goggles for your eyes and a mouth guard for your teeth. Alternatively, you can opt for full face coverage with some seriously stylish options available, after all, we all know that airsoft is a fashion show! Not only does this protection guard vital areas of your face, but you can also put your own spin on this part of your look to create something iconic and recognisable. Not everyone wants to go full face, but broken teeth are expensive! It won’t happen to everyone that doesn’t wear a lower face guard, but it happens often enough almost everyone will know of someone that’s lost or broken a tooth in a game!

Person wearing a full face mask for airsoft

2. Walking or Assault Boots

You may not think of this one as a beginner, but you’re sure to learn pretty fast if you don’t wear the correct sort of footwear. Seeing as the usual environment for airsoft combat is forests, incorrect footwear, such as trainers, will likely result in your experience being spent predominately on the floor, after rolling your ankles or worse, breaking them. Make sure you opt for boots that will give you extra ankle support to prevent this from happening, a decent pair of walking or assault boots are the best options.

3. Long Sleeved Top & Long Trousers

This one is essential if want to have any hope of keeping your arms and legs protected. Also, you don't want just any long sleeved tops or trousers, you want something that’s got a little bit of thickness to help prevent the painful sores, that isn’t too restrictive in the process. Also, it’s not just the BB pellets that you need to protect yourself from. If you’re playing in a wooded area taking cover behind trees and other things associated with the environment, this can result in pain much worse than a BB pellet to a limb – snagging your arms and legs on trees can be pretty gruesome! Therefore a good option here is probably quite obvious, and that's military clothes! They come in a whole host of camouflage options to blend in with your playing environment and have more pockets than regular clothes, which is perfect given the number of accessories you’re sure to be carrying.

Person wearing military clothes in wooded area

4. Tactical Belt

A common problem when playing airsoft is not having enough places to store all of your accessories. While military clothing adds a few additional storage solutions, none are as practical as a tactical belt. This conveniently adds storage in a non-obstructive place, your waist. You’ll see the added value if you get one and probably find it hard to imagine a game of airsoft without one.

5. Extra Ammunition

A crucial accessory that you need to have when playing airsoft is extra ammunition. How much you take depends on the type of gun you’re using, for example, if you’re using a fully automatic weapon you’ll probably find you burn through mags pretty fast. While this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised how many people become stuck due to a lack of ammo. Plus, if you find a teammate needs a mag or two, it’s a great way to encourage teamwork - sharing is caring, after all! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find you need some ammo and the same person who you helped bails you out!

6. Knee Pads

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’d be surprised by how often you find yourself on your knees in airsoft. Kneeling and taking aim at the enemy is a very common scenario in the sport. Also, if you’ve not been on your knees on rough surfaces for long periods time, you’ll be equally surprised by how much it hurts. Seriously, it sucks. That’s where knee pads come in! A high-quality set of knee pads go a long way, so don’t cop out for a cheap pair as you’ll probably find they slide up and down your legs. Making them more inconvenient than practical.

7. Having the Right Optics

Having the right optics on your air guns is a great way to help you improve your game. This makes choosing the right optic essential. However, knowing what optic is right for your gun may be slightly daunting at first for beginners. If that is the case, then read our recent blog for choosing the right optic in airsoft.

Person aiming with an air gun optic

That concludes our list of seven essential accessories for airsoft! Do you think we missed any obvious accessories? Be sure to let us know through our social channels and who knows, maybe we will add them to our list?