Assassin’s Creed character line up complete with archery equipment

If you fancy getting your hands on a “free” crossbow when you go and watch the new Assassin’s Creed film, this might be of interest to you!

You can pay $1200 (roughly £850) and get a limited-edition replica Spanish crossbow with your ticket, as part of a special deal between Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft and the website Kernel.

You will also receive a digital copy of the film script with your purchase, but there’s a catch! Unfortunately, it’s only available in America…

You can also pay $600 (£423) for a ticket that comes with an officially-licensed statue of Aguilar, the historical assassin being played by Michael Fassbender in the upcoming film.

For $120 (£85) you can get a ticket and an official hoodie, $60 (£42) nets you a ticket and a hidden blade as seen in the games and the film or $25 (£18) for a ticket, collector’s watch and temporary tattoos.

The Assassin’s Creeds film is set to open in December this year, and stars Marion Cotillard alongside Fassbender. A sequel has already been greenlit by Ubisoft, with Fassbender returning to his role, while the game series is taking a break to freshen up their ideas.

If you don’t fancy travelling all the way to the States just to get yourself a crossbow, we stock a range of archery supplies for you to take a look at, so why not take a look at our website or come and visit us in store?


Photo courtesy of BagoGames on Flickr, under Creative Commons