Zorg ZF-1 rifle replica as built by Adam Savage

Adam Savage, the former presenter of MythBusters, has been working hard for 17 long years on his replica of the Zorg ZF-1 pod weapon from Luc Besson’s classic sci-fi film “The Fifth Element”, and the effort he put it in astounding.

In the film, the Zorg ZF-1 is demonstrated by the main antagonist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (played by the excellent Gary Oldman) as the weapon to end all weapons.

The capabilities of the Zorg ZF-1 are – wait for it – a 3,000 round clip, a “replay” button, a titanium recharger, an arrow launcher, the net launcher, a rocket launcher, an “ice cube system” and a flamethrower… Not bad eh!

And Savage’s replica has all of those components, in a replica sense anyway…

What makes this build all the more impressive is the fact that Savage has custom built the majority of the parts for his replica. When most people build, they use something like an airsoft gun as a base, but not Savage.

He spent a ridiculous amount of time researching the film, even watching the German edition where you see the original prop builders taking the gun apart, just so he could make it as authentic as possible.

He also managed to get some parts by making friends with other model makers, as he explains in the video below.

It’s pretty much indistinguishable from the original, and you can’t help being blown away by the amount of effort he put into it. Watch the video for yourself just to get an idea of how well-built this replica is!


Main image screenshot and video courtesy of Tested/YouTube.