Everyone loves shiny, new things right?! Well here at Surplus Store, we’ve had a couple of new arrivals in our air pistol department.


Air Guns at Surplus Store Air Force One Trophy Pistol Walther Rotex R8 rifle air pistol air rifle shop Surplus Store

The Air Force One Trophy CO2 air pistol comes in three calibre variations. The .177 Target model offers forty full power shots from one single 12g CO2 canister, and features a very easy to use single pellet load system, with bolt action method. This makes shooting very easy to do, which is perfect for anyone new to air pistol shooting. There is also a new Vermin model, which is .22 in calibre, as well as .25 calibre, so the choice is yours, depending on your preference.


Comprised of a beech grip for comfort when shooting, the pistol also features a free floating barrel. A top of this sits an adjustable rear sight, with a rail if you would prefer to attach your own sight. This is a 9-11mm rail, so is perfect for any scope or red dot sight, again, depending on the preference of the shooter! If this sounds like something you are interested in, you can pick one up from us here.


Featured in this month’s Airgun World magazine is Walther Rotex R8 air rifle, which you can find in our air rifle shop either in store or online. Thanks to fine German engineering, this beautiful crafted rifle features a Minelli wood stock, complete with gorgeous checkering. Available in both .22 and .177 calibres, depending on your preference, you can find a version of this rifle to suit you. It also features an incredible 180 full power shots from a 200bar fill.

Air Guns at Surplus Store Air Force One Trophy Pistol Walther Rotex R8 rifle air pistol air rifle shop Surplus Store

Airgun World magazine tested the .177 calibre, due to the reviewer being a fan of the smaller calibre of pellet. The rifle received great feedback, with the review stating how incredibly well Walther have done with producing an air rifle with such a high level of performance, whilst also offering an incredible value for money.

Praise was also given to the 8 shot magazine, saying that the bolt action really is very impressive for a rifle of this price. It was noted that the action to reload might take a bit of getting used to, and must be done “smartly”. The closing statement of the article is advising anyone in the market for an affordable, high performance air rifle to add this one to their shortlist, and seriously consider purchasing it. If you would like to check one out for yourself, you can find it on our website here.