Airsoft Gun

Following on from part one and part two of our guide to airsoft brands, like the Terminator, we are back. One of the best problems with airsoft is the sheer number of manufacturers there are. Either specialising in bringing specific designs to market, or focused in bringing a range of setups and guns, either at great prices or with high performance (occasionally both). In this article, we take a look at another set of airsoft manufacturers and brands and uncover what they are all about. Like in previous articles, we'll group them as either a 'budget' or 'performance' brand; however, there will occasionally be some crossover.

G&G – Budget & Performance

G&G is a company with a good chunk of experience within the firearm and airsoft world. Initially started as Guay Guay Trading Co. in Taiwan, the company evolved to become a leader in the airsoft community. They have a vast product catalogue, ranging from some of the best-made budget guns available to top-notch weapon accessories. Their website has a fantastic database that includes most of their current production and is an excellent place for checking out specs and photos. They also offer manuals and exploded diagrams of their weapons for people looking to repair or upgrade them. This added value is rare in the airsoft community, as many companies have less resources than G&G. We hope to see many others soon begin to offer this as it could save many wasted hours trawling the web trying to see how to install a fresh gearbox! G&G is a great place to start for someone looking to be immediately competitive on the field; not too much cash in exchange to a great gun.

G&P – Budget & Performance

Having been established in 1995, the company started out by producing military equipment and distributed wargame products. Following new market demand, they looked to invest in the production of airsoft products; this included complete airsoft weapon systems, upgrade parts, conversion kits and more. G&P brought to market the airsoft SVD Dragunov in 2002,  a unique proposition as it had been manufactured in a real firearms factory. The majority of the company's products are manufactured in China, with its locations in Hong Kong being responsible for design and quality control. G&P is a perfect example of a midrange manufacturer. Prices are always reasonable, and products are good quality; these are ideal for newer airsofters!

Vega Force Company (VFC) – Performance

VFC was founded in 2004 with operations being based out of Taiwan. The company prides itself on maintaining a high-quality production line and strong quality control to ensure all its products meet their high standards. The company works with a wide range of other manufacturers and airsoft brands to co-produce some of our favourite weapons. Their website is also a great repository for information with manuals and parts guides for the majority of their weapons. Overall, their production is a little higher than the previous two on the list, with prices to match. These guns are great upgrades for a more experienced player or for someone who has a little bit more cash to splash.

GLBS – Performance

A unique manufacturer on this list as GBLS only have one gun to their name, the DAS GDR 15. DAS, standing for Dynamic Action System, is an innovation which aims to provide the most realistic airsoft experience to date. With the expectation of providing pinpoint accuracy, heavy lifelike recoil and realistic external build quality, the gun offers something different in a very busy marketplace. The DAS GDR 15 typically retails for around £1,600 which makes it much for of a luxury investment for the diehard airsofter.

Star Rainbow Company (SRC) - Budget

Often overlooked for other budget manufacturers, SRC are a company based in Taiwan. They mostly produce affordable replicas along with the occasional upper-end model. For the most part, their productions result in very playable and durable guns, ideal for any airsoft new starter. They are also pretty plentiful with their parts and upgrade manufacturing, with loads of add-ons and accessories available.

East Crane (E&C) Airsoft – Performance

Something of an underdog in the airsoft market, E&C is a steadfast manufacturer that can often be forgotten about, despite having 20 years experience. For the majority of their guns, they sit in the mid to high-range bracket but are still reasonably priced for what you receive. With limited market exposure, their products can be a little bit more tricky to get your hands on, but we'd say it's worth the extra hassle. Their website is a bit more basic than their competitors, but has a valuable 'new products' section that highlights their most recent releases; definitely somewhere to keep an eye on! If you buy E&C, not only can you be sure of getting a decent, reliable gun, but also that pretty much no one else will have one the same!

If you're considering picking up a new airsoft rifle or upgrading your current loadout, why not check out our online catalogue? We've also got a bunch of airsoft guides and tips on our blog, check those out here!