Airsoft events in the UK

With more and more events being organised, the annual airsoft calendar keeps getting busier! 2019 was a bumper year for events with the community holding both airsoft-exclusive events and generally having a more prominent presence at shooting events across the country.

As the community continues to grow, and airsoft is becoming increasingly prominent in people’s social awareness, we’re expecting 2020 to be the biggest and best year yet!

Not all event details are available as of writing, and we anticipate many more smaller, community-focused events to be organised in the coming months. But, as it stands at the moment, these are just some of the most exciting upcoming airsoft events in 2020.

Airsoft Surgeon Championships 2020: 14th – 16th February

Having grown considerably in both popularity and size over recent years, the Airsoft Surgeon Championships is an event that challenges practical shooting skills, rather than airsoft combat.

Previous events have seen upwards of 600 shooters attend, and this year’s event is a fantastic opportunity for shooters to test their skills against world-class competition.

The competition is also being held in conjunction with The Great British Shooting Show at the Birmingham NEC, meaning airsofters can take part while enjoying the rest of the show. This year’s event will incorporate a juniors match which will allow younger competitors to take part too.

North V South Festival: 8th – 10th May

airsoft team with guns

Following an amazing weekender last year, the North V South Festival is back for 2020 and will likely be even bigger and better than last year’s event. 2020’s event will take place in DIO Swynnerton in Staffordshire and will incorporate countless game varieties, lots of post-game beers and a great party atmosphere.

There will be side-events such as axe throwing and archery combat too, meaning that airsoft isn’t the only thing on the agenda. The three days of non-stop action will crescendo in the mammoth North v South game on Sunday, a perfect way to end the weekend!

Camping for two nights (Friday and Saturday) is included in the ticket price with an optional Thursday night of camping available for an additional £10.

The Northern Shooting Show: 8th – 9th May

Also taking place over this weekend is the Northern Shooting Show, being held at the Yorkshire Event Centre. Although this event is not solely focused on airsoft, like last year, there will be a significant airsoft presence.

With retailers and manufacturers making an appearance, you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest guns and gear and pick up any new airsoft kit that you’ve been longing for.

Typically, over 100,000 people are in attendance, so you’ll be in good company and have the chance to chat with fellow airsofters.

There will also be an ‘airsoft experience’ section, although full details on this have not yet been announced.

National Airsoft Festival: 28th – 30th August

Airsoft team on the field

Describing themselves as THE airsoft event of the year, the National Airsoft Festival will be held over three days at the end of August. The venue for this massive event is Ground Zero Airsoft near Ringwood, just a few minutes from the New Forest National Park. The location is perfect, with plenty of facilities available and lots of space to skirmish.

Although weather in August is notoriously unpredictable, you’re all but guaranteed a great weekend at the NAF. Not only are there great prizes to be won and fantastic games to be played, but there will also be stalls to browse and plenty of food, drink and music on offer!

Midlands Airsoft Fair: Date TBC

Although not confirmed for 2020 just yet, the popularity of this event means it’s unlikely not to happen again next year. Unlike the other events on this list, the focus is not shooting, but shopping. This is an excellent chance for sellers and buyers alike to come together and trade gear and tips on their beloved sport.

If anything, we’d want to see more of these community-based events being held across the UK as not only is it a great chance to meet fellow airsofters, but also raise money for charity.

2019’s event took place on the 2nd June, meaning that the 7th June next year is a likely target date; it’s definitely one to circle in your diaries!

Great British Shooting Show: 14th - 16th February

Great british shooting show

Although not strictly an airsoft event, if you are a fan of shooting, then this one is undoubtedly one that should be on your calendar. Air guns are mostly the topic of display, along with clothing, footwear and gun accessories.

There are a handful of airsoft exhibitors that attend this meaning you feel entirely lost, but typically this will be fewer than ten across the whole weekend. The event takes place at the NEC in Birmingham with a three-day ticket costing £54.

Are you planning on attending any of these events? Maybe there’s one we’ve missed off? Either way, let us know either on Facebook or Twitter!

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