Scotland is a unique and challenging place to skirmish, with the weather being naturally colder than southern UK, and rain being a more common occurrence. However, this should not stop you from getting out and experiencing the fantastic airsoft sites that the country has to offer. The outdoor sites make use of Scotland’s amazing countryside with expansive arenas set up, which run throughout the year. There is also a small selection of indoor venues, for when the weather really is too unbearable, allowing you to switch up your game and still enjoy a day out. Here, we’ll be looking to pick out some of the best venues in Scotland for both outdoor and indoor airsoft.

Outdoor Sites

Airsoft sniper in dark woodland camo aiming through trees.

Section 8 Airsoft

Comfortably one of the largest outdoor sites in the UK, Section 8 offers players an area of over 1400 acres featuring mostly woodland, roughly translated as around 1,000 football pitches. The site organises walk-on events every two weeks, including the opportunity to rent your gear, perfect for newer players. We’d advise getting in early though, as there is a limited supply of rental airsoft rifles. Section 8 is roughly half an hour’s drive from Glasgow, following the M8 for the most part.

Airsoft Edinburgh

With over ten years experience, the folks behind Airsoft Edinburgh know how to hold a great game day so that everyone leaves happy. With regular events held every other week, typically on Sundays, they can cater to all players regardless of experience. Full hire packages are available which include all you need to get started, such as guns, ammo and protective kit – you’ll need to arrange this in advance though.

Players of War Airsoft

Halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow you’ll find Players of War Airsoft, located roughly ten minutes from the town of Falkirk. Similar to Section 8, this is a woodland area, but much smaller, measuring just 80 acres. Just like the other sites, the game days are held every other Sunday throughout the year. Equipment hire is available here which must be booked in advance.

Viper Strike Airsoft

Combining the speed and proximity of indoor CQB airsoft with the challenge of facing the outdoors elements, Viper Strike has struck a perfect balance between the two. Their Nuke Town location takes the best of urban and up-close combat and places it in the Scottish countryside, with abandoned RAF buildings and expansive grasslands at your disposal. Typically, there is one event every week, alternating between Friday night games and Sunday walk-ons. If you’re looking to take on a new airsoft challenge, Viper Strike is the place to go!

Indoor Sites

two men playing airsoft indoors

The Fort & The Fortress

Located in the county of Fife, just north of Edinburgh, you’ll find The Fort. Offering both indoor and outdoor airsoft events, with The Fortress being their sheltered venue, The Fort can cater to all airsoft styles and preferences. Game days are held every other week at the outdoor venue, with basic walk-on and equipment hire both available. The indoor location offers similar options, with full hire offering a gun, plenty of ammo, cammo and a face mask. The indoor venue offers regular events during the week and at weekends, meaning you’ll never lose out on your airsoft fix!

The Depot

The Depot opened in 2013 with the intention of bringing CQB airsoft games to the masses in Scotland. The team that runs the site has a wealth of knowledge and experience, making each game day fun, fast, and, most importantly, safe. There are a small number of gear rental packages available during the Sunday walk-on games, and they occasionally run evening games for those that bring their own kit, perfect for the veterans! Their location is close to the city of Glasgow, south of the city centre.

Which of these is your favourite site to play at? Have we missed any of our list? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure that you’re fully stocked before heading out for a skirmish; our online store has plenty of gear and accessories so that you can perform at your best!