Sentry Gun Portal Turret Tower Automated Weapon Firing Airsoft Guns Pistols Rifles How To Video | Surplus Store Online Shop Anyone who likes Airsoft and has played a tower defence game has probably dreamed about getting their own automated sentry gun.

Well now those dreams are about to come through thanks to the guys at Project Sentry Gun. The team there have dedicated themselves to creating sentry guns for all purposes and in the past have made Nerf and paintball versions.

Now they’ve turned their attention to airsoft and have made a cool video with detailed instructions on how to make the gun – so you can buy all your airsoft gear from us and assemble your very own sentry gun, although we think it would work better with a proper airsoft AEG sitting on it (we’re looking at you Firehawk!).

The video is about five minutes long and tells you all you need to know, although obviously you’ll probably want to watch it a fair few times if you’re creating your own version of this awesome airsoft weapon.

Some of the most interesting features include the main rotation axis, which is made using the motor from a radio controlled car four casters as a controllable lazy Susan which allows the maker to mount a fairly big gun on the turret.

Anyway, why not check out the video HERE and get inspired!

Image: Public Domain