American airsoft enthusiast builds working Spartan Laser airsoft rifle UK airsoft store Surplus Store CrawleyA YouTube user by the name of Redshirt98 has uploaded a new video showcasing his recently finished airsoft rifle. He has impressively replicated the Spartan Laser from the Halo game franchise, and the results are astonishing.

This labour of love is the results of four years of hard work, which Redshirt98 has documented on his YouTube channel, and his most recent upload shows the rifle in action during a skirmish.

Featuring three Version six gearboxes, and a capacity for 3,500 BB’s, this is an incredible piece of kit, and the noise made from firing would be enough to scare anyone off, let alone what it must feel like to receive a barrage of pellets from the barrel!

It also includes a red laser sight, as well as claiming to have a firing rate of 2400 BB’s per minute. We don’t think this version will destroy vehicles in a single shot, but it will most certainly be a formidable opponent in a skirmish. However, weighing in at a stone and a half in weight, it might not be the lightest piece of kit ever used on the battlefield…

Check out the video demonstrating the gun in use in a skirmish here. If you don’t fancy attempting to build your own weapon, have a look at our UK airsoft shop, where we’re sure you’ll find the weapon to suit your needs!


Photo courtesy of YouTube screenshot from Redshirt98