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Airsoft snipers have been flocking to the cinema lately to catch Clint Eastwood’s latest film – American Sniper.

The film has been a huge box office hit with people really enjoying seeing the story of US navy Seal Chris Kyle brought to the big screen.

The “old-fashioned western in modern military gear” is set to become the biggest-grossing war movie in history – and its popularity has got people interested in becoming Airsoft snipers.

The film is based on [spoiler] the autobiography of the now dead navy Seal Chris Kyle, who became famous as the most lethal sniper in US military history. Kyle reportedly amassed a “kill count” of between 160 and 255 in Iraq while a serving soldier.

The film follows him in that field of conflict before documenting his life back in the USA, up until the day in February 2013 when he was shot dead by a fellow veteran who he was helping to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

While the film has courted controversy for the way it has portrayed the Iraq war and Kyle’s attitude towards the insurgents he shot while on duty, it has undoubtedly proved hugely successful, and will make more than $400m.

It’s also inspired airsofters, with many who routinely head out to milsims now picking up sniper rifles and spending the odd weekend playing that role for their respective teams.

So if you’ve seen American Sniper and been inspired to try out sniping, why not take a look at our airsoft sniper rifles?