Star Wars inspired airsoft equipment announced recently

Star Wars fans, you might be pretty excited about this recent announcement, as it has been announced that a series of companies are designing Mandalorian-themed ballistic armour!

AR500 Armour are working in collaboration with Heckler & Koch and artist Ryan B. Flowers, amongst others, to produce the ballistic armour, and it is incredible! Photos of the prototype were released on social media last week, and the response was one of great excitement.

Named Galac-Tac, they draw inspiration from the Star Wars universe, by using designs similar to Mandalorian armour. Those not familiar with them, the Mandalorians are a fictional group of warriors that have become very popular in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.

Perhaps the most famous Mandalorian seen within the films is Boba Fett, who became a cult favourite despite his minor role in the films.

Others involved in the Galact-Tac process are TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, SureFire, Wilcox Industries Corp, and Team Wendy.

The suit was designed and built by Flowers, who is well known for custom Mandalorian airsoft equipment, and sells them for a few hundred dollars on his website (found here). However, unlike his typical builds, this suit comes with AR500 ballistic plates, and also features gear you would associate with the other companies involved.

It is still unknown whether this is a one off piece, or whether it will be mass produced. If it is, we can’t even begin to imagine the price tag associated with it, due to the bullet-proof capabilities of ballistic plates included. Whether or not these plates will be able to withstand the Sarlac's gastric juices is another question entirely…!


Photo courtesy of metalhead_1 on Instagram