Swiss Army knife on wooden table.

For centuries, men have owned pocket knives. Its origins stem back to the first century Romans, utilised by soldiers and explorers. The ultimate portable accompanying tools, the pocket knife was a useful instrument for men who were essentially always on the go, and this time-old tool still has many useful applications to modern-day. We take a look at some of the reasons why a pocket knife (particularly the Swiss Army knife) is a great thing to own and some of the things a pocket knife can do:

First Aid

There will always be times when a first aid kit will come in handy, particularly when you are out and about. Small pocket knives can be a useful tool to utilise when first aid is required, from cutting bandages to removing thorns and splinters, its applications ensure that basic first aid can be applied in the instances it is needed without having to return home or leave an ailment unattended.


Let’s take the out and about scenario one step further and imagine you are camping and just getting back to your roots. It’s cold- as much of the UK is- and you want to start a fire; having a pocket knife can be useful in allowing you to cut wood for kindling. You’re hungry; a knife allows you to easily chop up your food. You need somewhere to stay; a pocket knife can help you in the set-up of your shelter. All-round, the pocket knife is an essential survival tool, and if you’re out in the wilderness, you’re not prepared unless you have one!

Pocket knife on map.


The same can be said for fishing; a fisherman is not prepared unless he is equipt with a pocket knife. A knife, for fishermen, can be just as important as his rod and his bait, which makes it the perfect present for the regular fisherman. The knife is used to cut lines and remove hooks, and an experienced fisherman knows it pays off to be picky about selecting a quality and durable knife.

Peeling Fruit

Perhaps not an essential reason, but still pretty cool if you’re peckish! Holding the fruit in your non-dominant palm, cut a slice into the fruit body and voila! You see this nifty trick is great when you just want a couple of slices of fruit, but just remember to perform with caution.

Swiss army knife, apple and cheese on rock in field.

Cutting Wire, Rope and Twine

Having a pocket knife in your toolbox can be great for DIY projects. Scissors can sometimes be blunt and unable to cut through what a knife can. Offering a range of capabilities in one useful tool, the pocket knife may be something many consider owning to cut things like wire, rope and twine.

Parcel and Letter Opening

For those old school gentlemen out there, you may still receive a few letters every now and then. A pocket knife can be used to effectively open letters you receive in one swift motion. Whilst the insides of padded and taped parcels can be easily accessed with a sharp pocket knife, instead of spending hours faffing with trying to get the tape off!

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*Always utilise caution when using a knife. Be sure to consult with professionals regarding the legality of knife possession in the UK.

Image credits: James Case