Airsoft is a popular sport and hobby for many people; collecting the gear, buying the best airsoft guns, improving skills and playing skirmishes against others. It is exciting, fun, and has many benefits, physically, socially and mentally.

If you are thinking about getting into airsoft a bit more or want to try it for the first time, read on to see just why you should!

Physical Benefits


Shooting your airsoft gun requires coordination, something your body can greatly benefit from. When you are staying undercover, returning fire and avoiding being shot on the move, your hand-eye coordination is developed, along with the whole body’s coordination. This increase in dexterity can help you move quieter around airsoft sites.

Weight Loss

It's no secret that running aids in the maintenance of weight loss. The majority of newbies are astounded by how much this can genuinely assist them in achieving their desired physique.

Airsoft can also be an excellent introduction to the world of fitness because you have control over how much you run. You can start by simply strolling and gradually increasing your running distance and modifying your gaming style from passive to aggressive over time.

Increased Stamina and Energy Levels

Do you often feel tired or only have the energy to perform at specific times of the day?

This is due to inactivity, and your endocrine system may be out of balance. By playing airsoft, you not only train your body, which helps you improve your energy levels.

Man in camo trousers holding airsoft rifle

Respiratory Health

Airsoft is commonly played in large fields; the fresh air that comes from the trees is recognised for its health benefits. Health professionals advise that people who live in cities spend some free time in nature to relax and get a breath of fresh air regularly.

Increased Physical Health

Airsoft can be played in large fields throughout woodlands, but it can also be played in buildings or on a variety of terrains; regardless of where it is played, a player must move a lot.

Walking, sprinting, jumping, and crawling improve blood circulation and heart health, according to medical research.

Running also forces a person to breathe more, increasing lung capacity, particularly while changing covers or sprinting to the objectives to catch the opposition side off guard.

All of this helps with cardio training, and after only a few games, a person might notice a difference whenever they have to go upstairs or catch a bus. Play airsoft for a few months and the difference will be more than noticeable.

A person wearing black and grey camo and helmet holding an airsoft gun

Muscle growth

We’re not suggesting that airsoft can take the place of the gym, but it may pique your interest in serious training that includes body weights and weights.

If you develop that passion over time, you might want to get in excellent form because it will help you play airsoft more effectively.

With such a transformation, you may want to know where your body's boundaries are and drive yourself to make significant progress.

Joint and Ligament Health

Even running at a moderate pace strengthens ligaments and joints, making them stronger. Running and other workouts help you build your muscles, which, when combined with stronger ligaments, means better joint health.

If you are young, this may not be a significant benefit to you (although training from a young age of 20 or so has been scientifically proven to improve a person's health later in life), but if you are a few years older, this could be a great benefit for you. Bodies become worn with age, but exercise can help to stay in shape and lessen the consequences of ageing.

Social Benefits of Airsoft

Airsoft is a social hobby to try, and you are likely to meet players from all sorts of backgrounds. It is a sport that attracts all kinds of people; male and female, old and young, and various levels of ability.

If you enjoy airsoft and want to make new friends, heading along to a skirmish means you will meet like-minded people who you will be able to form a connection with.

As airsoft often simulates battles and war, there is a definite sense of community and camaraderie. Your team will form a close bond, and if you play with the same group often, falling into an unspoken understanding of tactics and movements will become the norm. Playing airsoft with family and friends gives you the chance to bond over a shared experience; it might even encourage more family time.

The teamwork required for airsoft is a great learning experience, particularly from a social aspect. Teamwork is something us Brits tend to shy away from, yet it crops up in professional life, education and with friends. Along with aiding teamwork skills, if you are looking to try for a leadership position at work, taking a leading role in airsoft allows you to test your skills. Commanding a unit in airsoft is an excellent way to boost your confidence.

Airsoft is a game about honesty and exercising good sportsmanship. Players have to own up to being hit, which helps to build honesty and maturity between players. Players who try to fake their way through a game are likely to come against hostility from other players who want a fair and enjoyable skirmish.

Man in camouflage jacket holding an airsoft gun

Mental Benefits of Airsoft

It is often said being outdoors is good for mental health, especially the chance to breathe in the fresh air away from stuffy workplaces. Where is better for that than a field in the middle of nowhere? Getting outdoors among nature is a simple activity that has huge benefits.

When you are outdoors and deep into an airsoft game, you are not likely checking your phone. Playing airsoft disconnects you from the usual texts, emails, messages and the internet in general, and it is always good to leave your phone for a few hours and do something different. Cutting off access to your phone gives you a heightened awareness of your surroundings too – an advantage when playing airsoft and hunting down the opposition!

In addition to improving mental health, airsoft can also give your brain a workout as much as the rest of your body. Thinking up strategies, remembering tactics and positions, tracking people and having to think quickly on your feet are all requirements for being a great airsoft player. It won’t just be your body that’s tired but also your brain.

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