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Here at Surplus Store, we often post stories about other people, but realised you might not know much about our shop!

Surplus Store is still a family run business, and has been ever since 1961. We pride ourselves on our customer service, due to the fact that we aim to maintain a family run feel to our store.

Located instore, our air rifle shop has one the largest displays of air rifles in the UK, as can be SS 2seen below. We have well over 100 rifles on display for customers to take a look at before they purchase them, and a small portion of our merchandise can be tried before you buy it. We are happy to call ourselves the largest stocker of Umarex Rifles and pistols in the South East.



Together with Umarex, we stock many of the finest brands in air weapons, which include Air Arms, BSA, Brocock, Crosman, Cometa, Gamo, Kral, Norica, SMK, Webley and Weihrauch to name a few! As well as stocking the guns themselves, we have a vast range of accessories, which include scopes, pellets and carry cases. We are also very happy to answer any questions you may have about our products!SS 4

Alongside of our air rifles, we also have a large Airsoft department, which includes a specialised repair and upgrade department to cater to your airsoft needs. High quality two tone spraying can also be achieved thanks to our fantastic in house facilities. Replacement gas and great deals on BB’s can be found here as well! We also sell a range of archery bows, crossbows and other equipment for those Daryl Dixon wannabes!

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As well as having such a great range of air rifles, pistols, airsoft guns and archery equipment, weSS 6 also have a selection of clothing, from camo for your skirmishes, to safety gear for work, which includes steel toe cap boots and high visibility jackets.


So there is a little bit about what we have, and a peek into how our store looks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the Surplus Store website or call the store on 01293 525880.