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If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet (go and watch it immediately!) you may not wish to carry on reading, as there will be some pretty major spoilers flying about here!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

During the season finale, we finally see what Walter White was going to be using his M60 Machine Gun for… An automated turret fixed in the boot of his car, operated by a garage door opener.

The thing about this turret is that Walt constructed it using everyday objects, and used it to bring down a group of white supremacists in a nail-biting conclusion. But would it actually work if built in real life from the same materials?

That is where the MythBusters team step in! This is the third time a Breaking Bad scene has been analysed by the team, with the first two unfortunately being busted. Will it be third time lucky?

The scene is set, with the gun mount constructed using the same materials used in the show, and mounted into the boot of the classic car. 200 live rounds are then loaded into the gun, before the button is pressed on the garage door remote, for the moment of truth!

Presenters Adam and Jamie are joined by show creator Vince Gilligan, who was hoping to have something from his show actually being possible in real life, and watches on with bated breath.

I won’t ruin it for you, but suggest you to watch it yourself here:

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Photo courtesy of BagoGames, under Creative Commons