Noel Smith, representing Brown Jack, recently took the crown at the JWT Swindon Open, promoted by the Swindon & District Air Rifle League.

A black and white air rifle target

The victorious Smith was on the mark, posting a score of 119 points, while Anita Westall walked away with the spoils in the women’s competition, recording 118 points.


Brown Jack A was also triumphant in the Handicap Team of Four competition with a combined total of 526.


Brown Jack weren’t able to take a complete sweep, as, in the Inter-League Shoot, Swindon swooped in for the gold with 697, Newport occupied silver on 631 and Aberdare came in third to take the bronze with 614 points.


The Open was shot on the Supermarine range.


League Results and Top Scorers

Fallen Angels 436 & 313 (A Baker 56), VWH Cricklade 560 & 346 (R Ellis 60, M Hince 60, P Swanston 60); Brown Jack 543 & 339 (N Smith 60), Rodbourne Cheney 482 & 333 (A Mees 60); Supermarine 521 & 322 (T Weeks 59, D Thompson 59), Lambourn C 554 & 336 (L Micklewright 60); NALGO & CS 495 & 312 (G Leighfield 59), Gas Club 542 & 327 (M Wills 57, A Witts 57).


JWT Swindon Open – Group Winners: Class A – N Smith (Brown Jack) 119; Class C – I Brown (Montgomery League) 115; Class D – H Millard (NALGO & CS) 112.91; Class E – J Withington (Brown Jack) 107; Class F – R Scanlon (Brown Jack) 102.


Inter League Shoot: Swindon 697 (N Smith, A Westall, A Hince, D Franklin, M Ash, P Swanston); Newport 631 (S Amos, J Clifford, D Roberts, K Cox, K Stone, T Maryon); Aberdare 614 (R Llewellyn, S Barry, A Evans, H Williams, C Cook, K Davies).


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