The saying goes that age is just a number, and this couldn’t be any truer for one still very active member of Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club who is still picking off the targets at 90 years of age!

4.5mm pellet exiting an air pistol, photographed with a high speed air-gap flash

A sharp shooter by the name of Dennis Hannam, who was born in Dorset in 1926, has had a life-long shooting career, incorporating not just a variety of clubs but continents too.


First picking up a rifle while part of the Air Cadets in around 1937 before later joining the Swanage Rifle club, where he remained and became chairman until 1956, Dennis then packed up and headed for a new life in Singapore, establishing the Singapore Small-bore Rifle Association while he was there. Mr Hannam also represented the Fort Canning Club team in Singapore when they toured to Johore Bahru in Malaya.


1960 marked the return to the UK for Dennis, at which time he joined the Staffordshire Small-bore Rifle Association before eventually retiring from his teaching career to Dorset 28 years later, in 1988.


Mr Hannam has been a proud Life Member of the NSRA since 1956 and has been widely recognised for his ability and services to the sport throughout his shooting career.


Upon retiring in 1988 Dennis was awarded with the NSRA Silver Award for Special Services to Shooting in credit of his contribution in increasing the development of Chipperfield Ranges of the Staffordshire Small-bore Rifle Association and for his regular input into running the County’s Annual Open Shoot.


The recognition didn’t stop there, with Dennis also being awarded the Distinguished Service medal by the NRSA for his long service as secretary to the Potteries and District Club. Additionally, he was made a member of the Centipede Club, which is an association that helps to promote shooting for young people and open by invitation only with limited membership numbers.


Upon his signing up to the Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club in 1988 it didn’t take long before Dennis became the secretary of the club, and had a leading role in the achievement and building of their present range at Sandringham Sports Ground. He was also the club’s chief fundraiser.


Following his retirement from role as secretary after a decade the club made him an Honorary Life Member in recognition of his significant efforts and work on behalf of the club. In celebration of the keen shooter’s 90th birthday, the Mayor of Dorchester, Robin Potter, presented Mr Hannam with an enhanced Full Honorary Life Membership.


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Image: Niels Noordhoek under Creative Commons.