How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK 74 bullet? – Surplus Store There are often stories of strategically placed books or documents stopping bullets, but how about iPhones? Well one man has taken it upon himself to find out just how many iPhones it takes to stop a bullet fired from an AK 74. It is common sense to know that one iPhone will not stop a direct hit when fired from an AK 74, so YouTuber EverythingApplePro decided to line up a number of different models of the phone, and then fire a bullet at them. They ranged from the newest iPhone 6 to some of the older 5 models, and he even put in a replica model, as he predicted that the bullet would not reach this far… The first shot rips through the phones at quite a low trajectory, and ends up going through four phones before the bullet becomes lodged in the screen of the fifth. They then take a second shot, more central to the screen, which goes through the fifth phone and lands in the sixth, which surprisingly, continues to work. EverythingApplePro then carries on in true American style, turns to a shotgun to destroy the rest of the phones, and then picks up the AK for a second wave of attack, as you do… If you would like to watch the video for yourself, the link can be found here. We don’t think that the iPhone will be making its way into any sort of bullet proof vest anytime soon, but it’s always fun to watch things like that get destroyed, right?! We suggest that if you are looking for target practice firing one of your air rifles, you do not use your phone… Why not take a look at our range of targets available here at Surplus Store?   Photo courtesy of RussianTrooper, under Creative Commons