Firearms Guide contains entire database of firearms, ammunition and air guns

The world’s most extensive firearm database has been created for both industry professionals and enthusiasts alike to enjoy, and is now available online whenever and wherever you want it!

The Firearms Guide: 6th Edition showcases a wide range of firearms, ammunition and even air guns, which enables you to look into a variety of makes and models in greater depth, and even do side-by-side comparisons.

The online subscription database even has an extensive range of antique firearms, allowing you to track the development of technology through the years.

Boasting over 61,000 firearms, air guns and types of ammunition from over 902 manufacturers in over 50 countries, there really is no other database like this out there! There are also over 5,500 printable and zoomable gun schematics for those of you who like to look at things in their basic state.

As we said, it is a subscription service, but you can check out all of the models, manufacturers and schematics before you sign up for anything, just to see if it takes your fancy. There are also a number of printable targets you can use for your target shooting, including a colourful range of zombies!

If you want to check out the database for yourself and have a bit of an explore, you can do so here. A full access subscription for a year is just over £35, so it might be worth having a bit of a look first if you are going to buy your membership.


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