Airsoft Skirmish Scenarios Hostage VIP Extraction Assassination Pistol Only Capture Flag | Surplus Store Airsoft Guns For Sale Online UK 	We love an airsoft skirmish, and we love to mix them up – so we thought we’d take a look at the different scenarios typically on offer at skirmish sites.

A simple skirmish with elimination rules can get a little dull if it’s all you take part in, so here are some examples of other games you can ask your local sit if they plan on putting them on.

Elimination Rules

This is the standard airsoft scenario and is as simple as it sounds. Every player in a team will take aim at the other team’s players. Get hit and you’re out, and the winning team is the one with players left standing when all the other team’s member have been eliminated.

Capture the Flag

This is something that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Call of Duty. A flag is placed in each team’s base and the aim of the game is to reach the other team’s flag before returning it to your own base. When carrying the flag a player must ensure its visible and if shot must drop it on the floor.


Zombie games usually start with a small number of players acting as zombies and the rest playing the role of survivors. When a survivor is shot by a zombie they become a zombie themselves, and so the game goes on The Zombie team wins if all players are turned into zombies, while a survivor can win by avoiding being turned into a zombie for a set amount of time.

VIP / Assassination / Body Guards

This scenario usually sees one team given a goal of protecting a target and transporting them from point A to point B, while the other team will be aiming to take out the protection squad and get to the VIP and ‘assassinate’ them.

Hostage Rescue

This type of game is similar to the last one, with one team charged with protecting a specific person and the other aiming to get to that person. Where it differs is that the attacking team will need to keep that person alive when they get to them, then get them to an extraction point.

And one bonus game idea:

Pistol Only

This is a fairly self-explanatory. As you may have guessed, this is a close quarter battle in which only airsoft pistols are allowed, meaning players need to be skilled in using a sidearm. There are some variations such as allowing ‘knife kills’, where a player is considered dead if touched by a member of the other team. Some games also restrict players to one magazine. Because the game is so basic, it’s usually paired with another scenario, like zombies!