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With the arrival of SPECTRE on our cinema screens at long last, the latest instalment of James Bond is hinted at being the biggest and best Bond yet! With that in mind, we have taken a look at a few things you might not have known about 007.

The iconic name

It is probably one of the most iconic names in cinematic history, but the creator of Bond, Ian Fleming, chose the name “James Bond” based on an ornithology book he had in his house. Dr James Bond had written about birds of the West Indies, and Fleming used the same name because he wanted it to sound as boring and unassuming as possible.

He was scared of guns!

Well not him specifically, but rather Bond actor Roger Moore. He suffered from hoplophobia (the fear of guns), and also never ran in any of his scenes. He believed that he looked awkward whilst running, so used a stunt double in his scenes. What a diva!

Goldfinger was before its time

Goldfinger was the first ever film to feature a laser beam, which is now quite often a staple in the cinema of today. When the scene was being shot, the table was in fact being cut from the underside, with a man using a blowtorch. He didn’t really know where Sean Connery was on the table, so the sweat on his brow is actually real!

While we’re on the subject of Goldfinger, Mythbusters found that you could not die from suffocation after being painted gold as depicted in the film. The more you know…

What could have been…

With the attention drawn to who is going to play the next Bond, there is quite a host of famous names who were once considered for the role. Before Sean Connery took the role of Bond in Dr. No, Patrick McGoohan turned it down, and Liam Neeson said no to GoldenEye as he wasn’t interested in action films! This is ironic of course, as in 2008 he was running around France killing everyone in his way to try and find his daughter in Taken.

Other actors who were up for the role of Bond include Cary Grant, Christopher Lee, Clint Eastwood, Adam West, Tom Jones (it’s not unusual…), Gerard Butler, Sean Bean and Will Smith!

Moonraker happened as a result of Star Wars

The Spy Who Loved Me was originally meant to be followed by For Your Eyes Only, but Star Wars was released in between, and got everyone obsessed with space. With this in mind, the film makers consulted with NASA in order to create a believable Bond film based in space, and Moonraker was born.

Honourable mentions

Ian Fleming wrote the Bond novels on a gold-plated typewriter, was a spy himself who enjoyed drinking martinis and often spent time with beautiful women, much like 007!

Here are just a few of the more obscure facts, how many of them did you already know? Those of you looking to channel your inner Bond in celebration of the new release should head to our website and take a look at our range of airsoft guns for sale (UK based). We promise it will leave you shaken, not stirred!


Photo courtesy of Tom Woodward, under Creative Commons