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The first of what we hope to be a semi-regular feature; here is our feature on the last airsoft match the Metal Ops CSS team attended.

Metal Ops members in attendance

CS-01 Tom

CS-02 Dan

CS-06 Steve

CS-07 Pete

Gas & Spring only! Not a day for Hi-Cap Heroes! Purely limited ammo powered by hand pulled springs (so a good few snipers!) and air or gas driven rifles, pistols & SMGs (Oh yes the SMGs, but I'll get to that!)

Starting off the day we didn't have a huge amount of numbers, but enough to get a good fire-fight going! Being the adaptable people they are, the site marshals changed from the usual extended game scenarios to shorter more punchy objectives based more around getting people into the fight quicker. Having the ammo severely limited completely changes the game, you have to pick your shots and the silence between spurts of gunfire can be quite eerie! All adds to the atmosphere, in the first game I think we only had about 2-3 seconds of full auto in the entire 30 minutes!

We started off the day with an old Quake Favourite, the Team Death Match, run screaming at the enemy hicaps blazing? Not this time! Sneaky sneaky was the order of the day; moving cover to cover until the cover lets me down, off to regen and the game's over, that went fast, but a good start to the day. Back to the safe zone to load up and back to the fight!

The second game was raise the flag, you raise your team's flag for the most amount of time (cumulative) you win, all about zonal control, a good few fire fights in the forest & on to lunch (not supplied today as it's out of the usual BattleLakes schedule I assume).

Having used my WE MSK all morning (it's got the most mags so far) I decided now was the time to break out the small guns! WE MP7/SMG8 only 2 mags for this but very small, very fast and very fun! That full auto switch is darned fun, quite intimidating, but not the most accurate! Yup this is where the SMGs come in.

Next game up was a Waypoint adventure zigzagging over the sight's many landmarks, from the downed Landy, to the Machine Gun nest, up through the Comms tower and over to the village, there were a couple more objectives planned but both teams defended so well we didn't get further than the Comms Tower. But the journey there involved some great play, including some miracle sniper shots and great tactical game play (from both sides). One great shot was while we were defending the MG nest I was dug down where I thought was safe until I heard a noise and caught a cracking shot out of nowhere straight to the dead centre of my eye pro! Shortly after the MG nest was captured by said shooter. Always wear your eye protection people!

What followed included a slight case of tea bagging one of the Metal Ops lads when he took a (light thankfully) tumble into the comms tower and some great shots from the MP7. One player I thought I had dead to rights with a burst of MP7 full auto (it was through foliage, I'm not an arse(I hope!)), not a single BB hit him, managed to switch to single shot as he realised he'd not been hit and tag him with a follow up shot, seriously think Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction, Kudos to the guy, he was a great sportsman and a good laugh!

After a minor technical Team Metal Ops were down to 2 SMGs (one by choice, one not) and 2 snipers…

Everyone was exhausted after the waypoint game, but those with the energy (read the stupid, I really hurt today!) stayed around for a short capture & hold game. Who ever is in the 'Outpost' structure at the end of the game wins, it was Metal Ops + 1 (Fast Harry!) 5 versus the 6 guys left. It started well for us, popped a couple of smokes and stacked up on the back of the structure straight away, kept our heads down , but not down enough and got taken out, what followed was a very snappy game of flanking & running, move up on a side, get pushed back, attack the other side etc, right up until the last 2 minutes with 2 of the Metal Ops guys (CS-01 & CS-02) regened and hammered into the base to back up the heroic but short lived CS-06 who had stacked up on the back wall of the outpost, by some miracle we made it in and kept it as the time ticked away with CS-07 & the rest of the team acting overwatch. I've not run that much in the last 6 months, time for a spot of gym time... Or maybe a couple of beers when I get home, that'll sort me out!

What you missed was a great day with a great bunch of people, every single person I met today was friendly, a great shooter & great hit taker. I've not been to the site in some time and it was a fantastic day to re-introduce myself. When BattleLakes do put on another Gas & Spring day (as I sincerely hope they do soon!) be there, if not you'll be missing out big time, even if you just turn up with an airsoft pistol, if you use it to your advantage you'll have great day...

Oh, what's that you say? Not got a gas gun? Check our website for a full range of airsoft guns, including pistols, rifles and SMGs Oh My!

Racket (a hurting Tech Dan!)

P.s. There will be more photos on our next one, I guess our camo was a little too good :-p