GBLS DAS GDR15 Air Rifle

The wait is finally over because Dan is back with a new gun overview on the Crawley Surplus Store YouTube channel! In this video, he’s got something really special ­– the new Dynamic Action System GDR15 airsoft gun by GBLS.

This entirely new take on an AEG is a concept built from the ground up by the guys at GBLS, and in all honesty, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen or used before. We think this is great, considering that the design that we commonly see in airsoft guns today is pretty much the same as the original one, which was made 26 years ago– crazy, right?!

The GDR15 has a Cerakote Steel Finish, giving it a look and feel similar to a real rifle, along with a whole host of impressive and unique features, all of which are explored in our recent video. This rifle is definitely interesting, and while it may not revolutionise the world of AEGs, it’s arguably the best of both worlds when it comes to AEGs and GBBRs.

Not to mention, it was previously only available to purchase from South Korea for a measly two and a half thousand dollars! Now it’s available worldwide, with its previous flaws ironed out, along with a notable reduction on its price tag. Dan now has his hands on one after much anticipation. See him put the GBLS DAS GDR15 to the test, accompanied by an in-depth overview of how this extraordinary air rifle differs from the rest.

Dan is impressed, to say the least, along with the rest of the guys here at the Surplus Store. Check out this video review:

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