A helmet with GoPro attached after being shot with paintball guns and airsoft pistols

The GoPro is a fantastic little invention, which offers an extremely robust camera that can help you capture moments when you’re on the go. You’ve probably all seen videos online of people using GoPro cameras, from airsoft and paintball matches, to strapping it to the collar of a dog and letting him loose!

Well now, GoPro are offering you the chance to get paid for your exploits, as they announce that they will be giving away a total of $5 million, to see your exploits.

How does it work?

GoPro are looking for you to capture your passion, whatever it may be, and submit them to their website. So how can you get involved

Firstly, you need to capture your footage. They can be still images, raw footage straight from the camera, or video edits, with each of these categories potentially leading to a reward of varying monetary values.

After you have your footage, submit it to GoPro at: http://gopro.com/awards in whatever category it is best suited for. For example, an immense shot with one of our airsoft pistols during a skirmish could warrant being submitted to the “Anything Awesome” category. (Personally, our money is on CSS Metal Ops Tom CS01 with this unbelievable move: https://youtu.be/5BPkNuwys0E?t=39).

Get money! The GoPro awards will award $500 (£323) for memorable photos, $1000 (£646) for raw footage or $5000 (£3230) for video edits.

Not only can you get paid for your exploits, the images or footage will be distributed by GoPro, meaning you could become the next YouTube sensation!

If you have a GoPro, why not take one along to your next airsoft event and see if you can get any footage worthy of an award, and perhaps earn yourself some money in the process.


Photo courtesy of Gordon Tarpley, under Creative Commons