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A new service in Scotland gives visitors the chance to have their very own Bear Grylls showing them the sights of the country, as well as providing a range of other services.

Jack Black (not to be confused with the jolly rocker) has been described as Scotland’s only picnic butler, and will take guests to fairly unknown parts of the Scottish countryside, where they will be treated to a picnic of local produce, as well as advice on outdoor survival, including fire making and foraging.

Being an experienced survival expert who has travelled the world, Jack Black most certainly knows a thing or two about surviving in the outdoors!

Whether or not he’ll pull out an air rifle, hunt a rabbit and then tuck into it in the same vigour as a certain Mr Grylls does is to be confirmed. However, Jack has had his fair share of adventure, including climbing Mount Everest, working as a wildlife ranger in Kenya, and even escaping from a bear in Canada!

So if you are looking for a romantic Highland trip with your very own butler/survival expert, why not look Jack up? It will set you back over £200 for a weekend trip and butler experience, or, if you’d rather invest your money more wisely, why not buy air rifles online or in store here at Surplus Store?