Photo of the MAS-G Advanced Airsoft Grenade with LED display

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of an advanced airsoft grenade, which is being constructed by an ex-RAF Electronics Technician.

Molyneux Advanced Systems, the creator of the MAS-G Advanced Airsoft Grenade, has 20 years of electronics experience, and more than 10 years of product design experience, in both the Military and Commercial sectors.

The idea of the product is to create a grenade which every Airsofter would want to own, so the premise is to have an all in one Blank Firing Grenade, Countdown Grenade, Impact Grenade, Tilt Mine and an Infrared Trip Mine, which is an incredible range.

Grenade 5

Grenades that throw out BB’s when they go off count on the fact that at least one of the BB’s will actually hit a player, which can be relatively ineffective. For this reason, other avenues have been explored, such as looking at an explosion radius to take out players within said radius.

Another current flaw is that if you are playing in the wet, the striker on different grenades can often became unreliable, which would often render the grenade unusable.

Therefore a list of must have’s was created by the designer, who wanted the chance to be able to rig a delay time, as well as incorporating a tilt and trip wire mine, essentially making this grenade a “jack of all trades”!

Featuring a number of handy extras to help you locate your grenade after the game has finished, and a lost and found website that will track the owner to the serial code, this design has most certainly covered all bases.

Grenade 3

Full details on how you can influence the design, and all of the mods and cons of the grenade can be found here. It also features a video explaining how everything works, and you can also sign up to fund the campaign and purchase one of the grenades for yourself.

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Photos courtesy of Molyneux Advanced Systems.