Man aiming down sights of airsoft guns UK

You may have heard of the cereal café in Camden, the crisp café in Yorkshire, and now there is even a creme egg café opening in Soho!

But did you know there is an airsoft café in Japan? Located in Fukui, the Shooting Café Rock On allows customers to shoot airsoft guns with their tea, and is becoming increasingly popular with women.

The café has 2000 members, and around 30 per cent of those are female, with visitors getting hooked on buying and firing the guns.

Located on a busy street in Fukui, the café just looks like any other from the outside. Step inside however, and you will witness customers in their protective goggles, firing at metal targets and getting enjoyment from the satisfying ting when they make contact.

We must point out it isn’t just some free-for-all in the café, with people getting shot as they try and enjoy their panini! The café has a curtained firing range located at the rear, which helps to pull in excited people from the streets.

“I feel a strong accomplishment from hitting the right target, no one should hesitate just because it sounds like a man’s hobby” said one woman, who visits the café at least once a month.

Customers do not have to bring their own airsoft guns, and owner Nobuyuki Iwabori shows patrons how to handle and fire the guns safely, putting to good use his 30 years of experience.

Iwabori wanted to show that airsoft guns are not as dangerous as people think they are, and that they can be enjoyed by any one, regardless of age or gender!

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Photo courtesy of Jakub Vacek on Flickr, under Creative Commons