Leatherman Tread multi-tool bracelet available at Surplus Store Crawley

Have you ever been in a situation where you have needed to unscrew something or tighten a bolt, and just don’t have the equipment to do so? Maybe you need to get the sim card out of your smartphone, open that stubborn plastic packaging that even scissors struggle with, or maybe you’re just fed up of opening bottles of beer with your teeth!

The answer to all these problems and more is now here, thanks to the Leatherman Tread multi-tool bracelet. Leatherman have over 30 years’ experience in building multi-tools, which has led to their newest innovation.

When all the links are connected, you have an incredible 29 tools to choose from (we’ll outline those a bit later), and can easily be adjust by adding or removing a ¼ inch link, to accommodate any wrist size. Of course, taking out the links means you will lose a tool, but you can personalise it to suit whatever task you may have at hand. The spare links are also very transportable, so could easily be pocketed and taken with you anyway!

Another great thing about the tool is that it is as stylish as it is practical, and comes in two finishes, stainless steel or black. And now for the collection of 29 tools, are you ready? They are:

#1-2 Phillips

1/4" Box Wrench

3/16" Screwdriver

6mm Hex Drive

10mm Box Wrench

5mm Hex Drive

1/4" Hex Drive

Oxygen Tank Wrench

3/16" Hex Drive

1/8" Hex Drive

3/16" Box Wrench

3/32" Hex Drive

3/32" Screwdriver

1/8" Flat Screwdriver

4mm Hex Drive

8mm Box Wrench

3mm Hex Drive

5/16" Screwdriver

3/8" Box Wrench

1/4” Flat Screwdriver

#1 Phillips

6mm Box Wrench

#2 Phillips

Carbide Glass Breaker

Pick/Sim Card Tool

Cutting Hook

1/4" Socket Drive

#2 Square Drive

Bottle Opener

With Christmas just around the corner, the Tread makes a perfect gift, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself, we won’t tell anyone! You can find the stainless steel Tread here, and the black finish here.