The Airzooka, possibly the world’s largest portable air rifle?

The crazy, yet wonderful Bavarian slingshot guy, Joerg Sprave, loves to tinker and build unbelievable creations. This is a guy who turned a coke bottle into an arrow gun and modded a Nerf gun to fire scalpels…

Now, he is back with a development on a previously created air rifle and produced the Airzooka, a strange sort of shoulder mounted DIY air rifle/bazooka hybrid. The creation looks a bit crude in design, but you certainly can’t fault Joerg for his efforts.

He has constructed the Airzooka using a steel compression chamber with 2-inch ball valves running at 100 bars of pressure (1450 psi for those who prefer it that way). He is currently firing a 1.4kg aluminium tube with a 65mm diameter and a blunted bolt end, just for his initial tests.

We don’t want to ruin what happens in the video for you, but it’s pretty amazing, and Joerg seems quite happy with his efforts!

He is now looking to further optimise the Airzooka to get more distance on the arrows, as well as getting the firing to be a little more efficient.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on our social media channels. And as ever, we highly recommend you do not try this at home! Joerg is a professional… we think?!