man with airsoft gun indoors

During the colder months, many of us pack up our outside gear and head indoors to one of the many indoor airsoft sites around the UK. Although we are fortunate enough to have some crisp and clear days in winter, they are often few and far between, so indoor sites can offer a great alternative, whatever the weather. No matter where you are in the UK, you’ll likely not be far from your closest indoor airsoft location, with many venues available up and down the country. Most will be located closeby to larger cities, but not always. Check online and with local airsoft forums as some of our favourite sites were shared with us by word of mouth; the old fashioned way!

If you’re keen to get some airsoft in this winter, but don’t fancy braving the elements, or want to play a different style, then indoor could be for you! Check out our list of favourite indoor sites below and head along to test your skills!

Ultimate Airsoft Range Ltd.

On the northeast coast, just a few minutes from the centre of Liverpool, you’ll find Ultimate Airsoft Range Ltd. Not strictly an airsoft combat site, instead, a range that offers the opportunity to bring or hire guns to test your marksmanship. Ideal for those that are new to the sport and want to get their eye in before making the jump to shooting their pals. The range of guns available for hire is considerable, and prices are reasonable.

District 23

District 23 is a large indoor venue located in Middlesbrough offering airsoft, paintball and nerf games. Both public and private games are available, and the site has the choice between walk on or equipment hire, both of which are reasonably priced. The venue makes use of the car park-style location and is welcoming to both new players and experienced airsofters. The site also offers a membership option for players who will be shooting regularly. This allows you a free walk on game, along with reduced Sunday fees for the year.

Skirmish The Stan

If you’re looking for full-frontal action and close quarters environments, then Skirmish the Stan is a perfect location for you. Located on Rutland Road in Sheffield, the site’s venue is an old factory that has been cleaned and secured, allowing for safe airsoft games. It’s worth noting that the site employs a strict single shot policy, so no full auto! They also have an FPS limit of 350. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer rentals, so we’d suggest that new or inexperienced players rack up a few games before heading here.

two men playing airsoft indoors

Kill House Airsoft

Open every day of the week, with different events for each night, Kill House Airsoft in Leeds is an excellent example of indoor airsoft in the UK. Monday’s is new players night, allowing for inexperienced airsofters to cut their teeth without the worry of being intimidated by grizzled veterans. There are also students and members nights, with the latter offering 4 hours of airsoft for £10. They also have airsoft rifles for hire, which is perfect for new players who don’t want the worry of buying their own gear.

Warehouse Airsoft Arena

This aptly named venue is housed within, you guessed it, an old warehouse on the east coast in the town of Louth. The arena has an area of over 400 square meters consisting of tight turns, useful cover and intriguing props. The site is definitely close quarters, so your CQB loadout is a must! The site FPS limit is 350, but if you’re under 18, then the limit drops to 250.

First & Only – The Mill

Located in Wigan in the northwest, First & Only – The Mill, is a site that offers a variety of indoor combat scenarios, ranging from built -up, close-quarters battle to more open and free-flowing games. Their ‘Mission’ calendar is varied and extensive, with something happening onsite at least every other day. Prices here can be a little higher than other sites around, but you’ll be guaranteed a great experience in a high-quality arena. There is also a shop onsite in case you need to grab any last minute supplies.

No Limits Paintball and Laser

Although not mentioned in their name, airsoft is one of the main reasons people head to No Limits as their exceptional indoor arena and two storey location allows for some excellent gameplay. They offer three different event durations, with two-hour games with rental, and four and seven hour walk on games. No Limits can be found in Newcastle and is well worth a visit for a realistic game setting and good close quarters combat.

Do you have a favourite indoor site in the north of England? Let us know which one! Get in touch in the comments below or drop a comment on Facebook or Twitter. Why not check out our blog for more info on airsoft, have a browse through our airsoft guns, and how you can become a master of the sport.