Police training facility which uses modified CO2 air pistol to train new recruits

Police training in America has started to get pretty real, with one training facility incorporating a simulator to help new recruits get up to speed as quickly as possible.

The Arthur D. Kehas Criminal Justice Training Facility and Campus in Concord, New Hampshire, also known as the police academy, have installed a state-of-the-art simulator which helps put new recruits in real situations, whilst taking away some of the realness.

A series of screens and projectors created a 300-degree world that police recruits are using to see how they’d react to situations they may encounter in the real world. Think of the shooting gallery room in the first Men in Black film, but with fewer aliens!

Recruits use a CO2 air pistol which has been fitted with a laser in the barrel (think a more realistic version of laser tag) which offers blowback with every shot.

Recruits can participate in a number of different challenges, ranging from target shooting to real life scenarios, where recruits must react as they would in the field.

The campus teaches proper gun etiquette, shooting stances and trains future police officers how to respond in situations, instead of chucking them in immediately at the deep end.

It is also great to see that air guns (albeit modified versions) are being used for the good of training purposes, whilst drilling new recruits to help keep their cities safer.