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Bakersfield in California is a famous place name known all over the world.

While it’s perhaps best known for its oil fields it also has close links to Greece and hosts an annual Greek festival attended by thousands of Greek travellers, and is also the venue for an annual Highland Games, which Americans of Scottish descent from all over the country attend.

It’s well known by skateboarders because of its strong scene and it was even name checked by the Rolling Stones because of its strong rock ‘n’ roll roots.

But what’s not well known about Bakersfield is that it’s a mecca for fans of air guns.

The town has a strong tradition of hunting shooting and fishing and it’s the middle of these three that we’re interested in.

Hundreds of keen gunmen in the town have just dusted off their C02 air rifles for the start of the rabbit shooting season in Kern County, the wider area Bakersfield sits in.

It had been feared that because of the drawn out drought California is experiencing there may have to be a limited season this year, but there are still huntable numbers of cottontail rabbits hopping around the valley floor, nearby hills and even the mountains.

While some hunters shoot them with .22 rifles and shotguns, more dedicated and skilled hunters take great pleasure in practising the art of stalking to get close and then picking them off with a small calibre air gun.


Photo courtesy of Jim, the Photographer under Creative Commons