Call of Duty, which players can now control with airsoft rifles fitted with mod

You may (or may not!) remember waaaay back in March last year, we ran a story about a piece of kit that could be attached to your airsoft rifles or something similar, and allow you to control first person shooter games using your rifle as a controller.

Well now, “Rail Gun” are live on Kickstarter trying to raise funds for their project, and managed to earn a quarter of their target funding goal in under a week. However, they only have five days left to reach their overall target.

More details have been released about the Rail Gun, which is claiming to be the first controller that allows you to add buttons to your own weapon models, and gives an authentic feel to FPS games. Essentially, you can play games like Call of Duty and you are aiming and firing the gun, rather than using the joysticks of a controller.

Shooters will experience recoil from their airsoft gun, and will also experience sound effects. There is also an algorithm that compensates for slight hand movements which would otherwise affect your shooting accuracy, helping you keep your shots true.

The control features five components that can be simply attached to the existing gun, and can be used with a variety of platforms, including next generation consoles like the Xbox One and PS4, as well as the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

Years of testing has gone into the development of Fast Rotation (FR) Technology, which tracks your vision based on the direction of your gun, and even tracks the Rail Gun when pointed outside of the screen.

The technology looks pretty cool, and the videos of it in testing look to work pretty smoothly. However, with five days left and over $60,000 needed for the project to fully launch, it will be touch and go…

Check out the Rail Gun in action and pledge yourself if you like at the following link:


Photo courtesy of BagoGames on Flickr, under Creative Commons