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A mid-eighteenth century pneumatic air rifle is set to be auctioned in London this week, and is expected to reach between five and seven thousand pounds!

Made in around 1740 by a company called Wentzlau, the piece was built to be disguised as a flintlock sporting rifle. The reason for this disguise is the fact that such guns like this were said to be the weapon of choice for assassins and poachers.

This rifle features a 32.5 inch barrel, and features heavy decoration and engraving throughout, fitting with the elaborate nature of the time, and would not look out of place in the hands of Arno from Assassin’s Creed Unity!

At the rear of the rifle is a walnut stock, complete with over size butt that contains a Girandoni-style air reservoir with filling valve, all contained within a trap door in the heel plate.

A Girandoni air reservoir used to take up to 1500 strokes of the hand pump for a thirty shot return, so either this assassin had the hand speed of the Flash, or he had very good aim… Thankfully technology has advanced quite significantly since then!

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