Screenshot of Russian airsofters using airsoft pistol

We’ve all seen GoPro footage from airsoft skirmishes of insane headshots or a person going on a single handed rampage armed only with airsoft pistols and a Rambo-style attitude.

Now, a video uploaded late last year has started doing the rounds again, and shows a group of 14 Russian airsofters engaged in a bomb defuse-style game, but each is equipped with a GoPro.

That footage has then been edited (with some rather lovely “kill” graphics) to produce a pretty decent account of their game. It almost feels like you’re watching a game of Call of Duty, but with fewer comments being made about your mother…!

The video starts by introducing the two teams, with each player having their own introduction routine (the last one is my personal favourite!), before outlining the arena in which the battle is taking place.

Unfortunately, all of the speaking and titles are in Russian, so we have no clue what they are saying! Regardless of that, the video is a decent watch and you have to admire the amount of effort that has gone into the editing!

To watch it for yourself, click the following link: We spotted both homemade pyro grenades and blindfiring/leaning out of second story windows in the video, so we must stress, please don’t try this at home kids!

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Screenshot courtesy of on YouTube.