Line up of three Sig Sauer P226 and P250 CO2 air pistols

We have a new video for all of you out there to enjoy, with Dan casting his keen eye over the officially licensed Sig Sauer P226 and P250 CO2 air pistols.

The pistols are fired using a .177 pellet or a .177 copper/steel BB, depending on your preference. Word of warning, however, as Dan does not recommend the BB’s, due to the pistols having a rifled barrel, and they may cause the gun some damage.

Featuring an 8-shot rotary drum system, the magazines for the pistols are reversible, giving you another 8 shots by simply switching the magazine around. The rate of fire is slightly debated, as the packaging states differently to how the gun acts when tested, as Dan explains in the video.

Both guns feature a full metal frame and slide, complete with a plastic grip. The build quality on these guns is excellent, and with the CO2 canister loaded neatly into the grip, there is no unnecessary bulk.

Dan then steps into the range with both pistols to see how they perform, where you can see the quality blowback of the gun in action.

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