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  1. Brand Profile: AGM

    Brand Profile: AGM
    Our brand overview covers AGM’s top designs and the most sought after WW2 replicas in their range. Discover some of their most exciting and unique models in our blog!
  2. New Season of Hollywood Weapons Streaming on Netflix

    Hollywood sign. We’ve been binging on the latest season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction on Netflix recently. Season two dropped on UK Netflix on 15th July, offering subscribers seven episodes of the eight-parter to watch. Interestingly, Netflix seems to entirely skip over episode seven in which Terry and Larry investigate several iconic scenes from westerns ­– testing whether it’s possible to shoot a cowboy hat straight off a bad guy’s head or whether a single shot from a Colt revolver could, in fact, break shackles. Unfortunately, you guys will have to wonder about this episode unless you can find an alternative way of watching it. Continue reading →

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